The Gospel of Mark

Stay Open To The Story


Mark 1:1-13

Count The Cost


Mark 1:1-20

Purpose of Power:

Seek to Serve Rather Than Be Served



Mark 1:21-39

The Pattern of Grace,

The Primacy of Love


Mark 1:40-45

Persist Under Pressure


Mark 2:1-3:6

Be An Insider!


Mark 3:7-35

Listen With The Ear Of Your Heart


Mark 4:1-20

"Press In! Press On!


Mark 4:21-34

Remember and Recount!


Mark 4:35-5:20

"Focus your Faith!"


Mark 5:21-6:6

Engage God's Mission

With God's Provision!


Mark 6:7-32

"Participate In What God Makes Possible!"


Mark 6:32-56

"Choose Purity Over Piety!"


Mark 7:1-30

"Open Your Ears and Eyes to the Glory of Jesus!"


Mark 7:31-37

"Determine to Walk the Path of Discernment!"


Mark 8:1-26

"Set Your Mind on the Suffering Service of the Sovereign"


Mark 8:27-9:1

"Press on Toward the Fulfillment of God's Plan"


Mark 9:1-13

"Push Forward In Prayer"

Mark 9:14-29

"Stay Salty!"

Mark 9:30-50

"Seek Fidelity Amidst a Fallen World"


Mark 10:1-12


"Trade In Your Treasure!"


Mark 10:13-31

"Request Rightly!"


Mark 10:32-52


"Believe and Bear in Order To



Mark 11:1-25

"Set Your Eyes Upon the Son!"


Mark 11:27-12-12

"Pledge Allegiance to The Christ!"

Mark 12:13-17

"Expand Your Expectations"


Mark 12:18-27

"Fuel Your Affections!"

​​​​​​​Mark 12:28-34

"Follow the Faithful One!"


Mark 12:35-44


"Keep Calm and Carry On in the Spirit!"

Mark 13:1-37

"Prioritize Precious Praise!"


Mark 14:1-11


"Remember the Revealed One!"

Mark 14:12-25

"Stay Spiritually Awake!"


Mark 14:26-52


"Stay Firm In The Faith!"


Mark 14: 53-72


"Trade our Treachery for Trust!"

Mark 15:1-15

"Stop and Stare at The Son!"


Mark 15: 16-39


"Believe Beyond the Boundaries!"

Mark 15:40-16:8

"Let the Preachers Go!"

Mark 16:9-20