Join us as Pastor Dan leads us through the book of Genesis.

Represent the Ruler!"


Genesis 1:1-2:3

"Hold On To Your Humanity!"


Genesis 2:4-25

"Treasure the Truth!"


Genesis 3:1-7, Mathew 4:1-11

"We Live in Hope!"


Genesis 3:8-24

"Believe in the Blood!"


Genesis 4:1-16

"Choose the Right Community"


Genesis 4:17-26

"Walk Well With Our Lord!"


Genesis 5

"Hold On to Holiness of Heart!"


Genesis 6:1-8

Return to God's Rest


Genesis 6:9-8:22

"Remember God's Good Name!"


Genesis 9:1-17

Live Honorably Before God and Others!


Genesis 9:18-29

Mind Our Manners and Our Master


Genesis 10:1-32

Pull Down Our Pride!


Genesis 11:1-9

Find Your Footing in Faith!


Genesis 11:27-12:9

Stay Within the Boundaries of God's Blessing!


Genesis 12:10-20

Follow Through on What Faith Affords!


Genesis 13:1-18

Demonstrate the Sufficiency of Our Salvation!


Genesis 14:1-24

Receive Rest in Our Relationship with God!


Genesis 15:1-21

Patiently Perceive God's Promise!


Genesis 16:1-15

Live Out Our Allegiance to the Lord!


Genesis 17:1-27

Welcome God's

Wonderous Works!


Gemesis 18-1-15

Show and Tell

the Glory of the Lord


Genesis 18:16-33

Wake Up to the Wiles

of Wickedness


Genesis 19:1-38

Reflect on the Reliable

Goodness of God!


Mathew 20-21

Press On Towards

God's Provisions!


Mathew 22:1-19